How to Make a Caprese Salad Recipe – Tomato and Mozzarella Salad


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  1. I cannot wait to try this in a few months, once my garden tomatoes and basil are fully ripe, right off the vine and plant. I'm not sure that there is anything better than this salad, prepared with ingredients you grow yourself. …………..and now, I'm hungry. To the kitchen!

  2. my wife loves that salad ."i like it to "…but i have tried to make it even better …but no back to basic and it sure works best …good products and this is a good snack 🙂

  3. Insalata Caprese is traditionally served with no other dressing than a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. However, if you are not absolutely confident that your tomatoes have the best flavour, a little balsamic vinegar will help them along. Remember to use only top quality ingredients!!

    How to Make a Caprese Salad – Tomato and Mozzarel…:

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