HOW TO GRILLED CHICKEN RECIPE FOR FAT LOSS | Healthy Chicken Recipe With Citrus Marinade


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  1. based on the advice to let it marinade longer for stronger taste, I let it marinade for 1 month and boy… the taste was strong!!! it's not for everyone but for those who like living on the wild side (or in a hospital) I say go for it! thanks for the great video Jack & Jill!

  2. I used sort of the same recepie but I have done some twist in it.
    I used lots of parsley and put in the blender with garlic and olive oil (I didn't use coconut oil) then I took the zest and juice of one Lemon and one Orange, after that I mixed it with the blended parsley and garlic and then marinated the chicken and left it in the fridge over night. As for the grilling, I am using in indoor grilling.

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