How To Grill Lemongrass Beef-Vietnamese Food Recipes


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  1. Hello Miss Mai , thank you so much for sharing your recipe with us, I tried it.It was better than any restaurant food I have eaten so far.God Almighty bless your family with prosperity and health .

  2. I love Vietnames Food I Was Married To A Vietnamse Man. I know how to cook A lot of recipies but this one i did not know I will make it tomorrow. And if it turns out I will Cook it For My Mexican Family. They Already Love My Pork And Eggs Dish Thank you So Much. Buen Dia Gracias.

  3. I made this recipe with the instructions of your video, i made it to welcome my sister that came from her trip on south america, it was very delicious and fun to make, thank you Mai for uploading this video. You have my subscription!

  4. AWESOME!!  I love grilled lemongrass beef.  My family devours this with sticky rice….papaya salad…and the roasted tomato salsa (not sure if it's a Vietnamese recipe or a Laosian one, but it's delicious to dip sticky rice in).  Yummo!  As always, I LOVE watching you go collect fresh ingredients from the backyard for your recipes.  I find it so amazing that such a small yard can grow so much herbs, fruit, etc.  I wish you and your family a great New Year tomorrow!

  5. I don't have a charcoal grill, do you think a cast iron skillet would do the job ? Looks lovely I have never tasted lemongrass, but I will now 🙂 p.s every time I am cooking Asian food I am now hearing that music in my head hahahahahahaha

  6. Hi Mai. I was thrilled when I saw you uploaded this recipe. I was actually going to request it as I would like to serve it with the bamboo rice. Thank you so much for this. P.S. Your mums garden is looking wonderful as always. xox

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