How To Enjoy Japanese Mochi (Recipe) 美味しいお餅の食べ方 (レシピ)


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  1. Looks oishii!!
    Oh, I have a question about rice. So I am saving up for the nice zojirushi ricecooker you recommended me. But in the meantime I have tried making rice in a pot, but it never turns out right! I use medium grain. I wash it, soak it, cook it and steam it and all, but it always turns out too sticky. I know it is supposed to be somewhat sticky, but it is TOO mushy and gloopy. I need help. I have tried everything. I also have trouble with measurements.

    +Namiko Chen 

  2. Hi Nami, My mom has always fried mochi  in butter until it puffed up and served with Shoyu and sugar, so I did too. I NEVER considered that you could toast the mochi like this!  Mind blown! Now we can have toasted mochi as a treat without the guilt!  We made it the night you posted this and LOVED it!  Thank you! By the way…my family is so happy you are teaching me to cook Japanese finally! (they LOVE your Oyako recipe and beg for it often!)

  3. I love this video!
    The 3 combinations with the mochi looks fantastic!
    Would you know where I could get dry mochi(I think) or that type of mochi? Since I can't really find mochi like that kind.
    Also what type of mochi is it? Thanks!

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