How to Cook the Perfect Standing/Prime Rib Roast Beef Recipe


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  1. Love this video, because I'm going to try my hand at Prime Rib. Enjoyed your BBQ Brisket video, and so when this one came up in my recommend videos, I could not resist since I LOVE PRIME RIB !!! Thank you so much. Can't wait to try this. Gave you a thumbs up for sure.😎

  2. Hi Jan!! I made this last night for my wife as a surprise for our anniversary, it was fantastic 🙂 (this was my first Prime Rib) I made a couple of mistakes but I will improve on the next one. First, I took it off too soon. My wife likes Black and Blue Steaks so I thought I would keep it quite rare….I took it off at 105, too rare in the middle. So, next time I will take it to 115. Second, my Au Jus didn't turn out well, as I use the pan to make it with all the drippings. Sounds good, right? Nope, it was too oily, I should have used just the "bits" not the oily drippings. Anyway, I have a few items to improve on but it turned out SUPER nonetheless!! Thanks!!

  3. Good GOD! This female has shown everyone how to RUIN what might have been a great Rib Roast. No one can get "Prime" meat anymore unless you happen to own the ranch that the steer came from and was butchered on or butchered it yourself. The best you can get is Choice but they've even managed to ruin that nowadays…unless you know your butcher! This BIMBO even had the incredible brain freeze attack and had the bone taken out of this gorgeous piece of meat. This has compromised the flavor to a great degree and you can also kiss your short ribs good-bye. She also had the entire top cut off of the meat and there went the most flavorful and tender part of all. Au Jus needs NO "cooking spray" or aluminum foil to make it happen…I doubt she even knows what Au Jus means. Thank God I don't have to eat at her house…on any day!

  4. every other video I've watched makes cooking a prime rib roast seem like a strict and solemn affair. Because of your video I feel like if I make a tiny little mistake or two, the roast will still turn out great! thanks a ton and looks great!

  5. Love the vid!!!! Going to try your recipe for Easter, thank you very much!!! Side note, you are way past due for a new stove, get a glass top with convection :))))))

  6. Adding chunks of garlic to the rub isn't going to do much. You'd be better off cutting the garlic into quarters, poking holes in the roast and plugging them with the garlic pieces so the flavor distributes from inside.

  7. Last year was the first time I prepared a prime rib roast following your instructions and OMG! It was sooooooooooo goooooood!  Thank You for sharing your video. I'm planning to cook another this year. Except, I am letting it age for 4 days before cooking.

  8. Wow, did that prime rib come out looking wonderful! I can't imagine how great the aroma must have been as you were carving it up. I'm going to try this for Christmas dinner, (I hope I don't smoke up the whole house) ;> Thanks so much!

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