How To Cook Roast Beef – Oven Roast Beef Recipe


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  1. Looks pretty good. Great color, especially in the oven . I did one on the smoker awhile back that your wife and fans would have went crazy for. Cooked it to medium with some good smoke and it turned out great

  2. Lyle, I chuckled when you were applying the seasoning while saying "not too heavy," and to my eyes, used half the container!😁 The AMIR thermometer did it's job! The roast beef sure looked perfectly cooked and beautifully seasoned! Nice job!

  3. That looked awesome, man. Have to admit though, I like mine much redder. I've been looking at cast iron "cowboy" cooking a lot lately. Been designing an outdoor kitchen with smoker, grill, cob oven and an old fashioned wood stove and oven.

  4. I love a good roast beef dinner, yours turned out great… when going with a cheaper cut, I like to cook at a little lower temp, 300-325 deg and take out of the oven at 125-128 deg,, then slice thinly so it's a little more tender… Thanks!

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