How to Cook Quick & Easy Chinese Recipes : Making Chinese Stir-fry Cabbage


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  1. I looked for sooo long for a cabbage stir fry recipe with the taste I remember from the vegetarian noodles stalls when I was young and finally found it. This is that taste and I don't use sugar – it's still soooo fantastic delicious. Thank you for posting. I actually found this few months ago and this is the only way I do it now. Absolutely love it! I searched for the video just to give this feedback. Thanks!

  2. i just used some kikkoman's teriyaki in place of the salt/sugar (just a few dashes, 1tbsp per pound of cabbage, i'd guess), and it came out great. i imagine you could get away with soy sauce by itself and not use any sugar, but i have no regular soy sauce in the house. i feel like a big newbie not having simply fried cabbage up myself in the past, i've always boiled it myself… yet i love it when it's in asian/mixed stir fry.

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