How To Cook Pork Adobo Recipe, Filipino Food, BenjiManTV


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  1. I took the time to take notes because you didn't give a written recipe… It was difficult to follow because the directions were inconsistent… lots of 10 minutes, 10 minutes, never mentioning cover and she covered, never mentioning how much of anything. Nevertheless, I used 2 or 3 other recipes and worked with this cooking method and it came out great. Why not give written recipes to help a girl out? LOL — Love your cooking!

  2. Benji and Mom,  Am a retired engineer with some free time. I was looking for the easiest way to cook adobo last weekend and after watching a number of videos and reading receipts,  decided on your Mom's method, simple, straightforward and brief compared to others. It turned out great, "a great rice pusher" said one of my sons visiting :-).

  3. My ex taught me how to make adobo long ago, but he adds bay leaves and sugar. He also adds water to it and cooks it down for a couple hours, and adds Serrano or another type of pepper for the heat, but Ive found so many people make this dish differently. He also told me to buy Silver Swan soy, lol. I do, just thought it was funny, because I told him I had Kikkoman and Aloha Shoyu (Hawaiian Soy), but he said no, had to be Silver Swan. I buy several types now depending on what Im making.

  4. Im from the Philippines and her process is a bit different from how we do here. We put onion and garlic together with vinegar, soy sauce, pepper etc. then you just let it simmer… I think this is more of a pork steak variant because of the onion being added at the very end.

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