How to Cook Pasta Perfectly: Here’s Everything You Need to Know


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  1. You started perfectly but you finish wrong! The cookedcwater has to be mixed to the sauce not lqyer in the spaghetti and sauce. Then first you prepare the sauce, then you cook pasta. Sauce has to be mixed with pasta as soon as pasta is dried. If you leave pasta dried alone for more than 2 minutes if become strong and not good to eat. Ciao

  2. This video is absolutely wrong in this respect: I was in the emergency room where a woman died from burns, when she dropped the hot handles, pouring pasta into a colander. The pot ALWAYS remains on the stove. NEVER EVER do this ! The pasta is always transferred from the boiling liquid using a screened implement ! This is especially important for the frail and elderly !😉

  3. Wrong on the pasta water. 100% Sicilian, I would tell that sauce was not sticking right AT ALL, after draining pasta you put in back in. Put a little of the gravy in with the drained linguine, then add a little butter (CRUCIAL STEP) then put it back on a low simmer while mixing. This is the CORRECT way to make the sauce coat the pasta.

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