How to Cook MOPANE WORMS – Emperor Moth Caterpillar Recipe


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  1. Wait so I used to think she was Korean, then in the last vid I watched she said she was Chinese american and now I learn her catchphrase is Japanese… 🤔🤔🤔

    I’m just glad to finally know what she was saying! 😅

  2. I wonder what Emmy's kiddos must think when they walk in and see mom cooking caterpillars – or better yet, eating them. I can only imagine the stories they tell at school. Hahaha

  3. I guess I've been out of the loop for that shirt's joke, but I happily ordered mine bc I got a tickle out of it 😂😊😊 I know what it is, but I wonder which auto-captioned video/comment originated it?

  4. The black stuff is black ash to preserve the worms, think of the salt used to preserve seaweed naturally. The seaweed is taken out of salt, washed and soak in water to get rid of the salt. Same with these worms.

  5. You can eat them with rice, or in a sandwich too, just replacing any meat.
    Also, if you want them much softer, soak them overnight like dried shiitake mushrooms

  6. They taste best stir fried with spices, especially when fresh. The fresh ones taste better than the dried ones and just melt in your mouth.
    I love the fresh ones better, but dried ones are still good.

  7. Emmy, I looked for them on the net and found a few being sold, but still would like to know where yours came from.
    The reason why I could not find them is because I did not know their names.
    Thanks again.
    The way they clean them usually is put them in water where they can only drink water for a day and d forced to empty their guts…

  8. Emmy, can you be so kind and share where I can get some? I have been looking for them for a long time. I understand that Johanna and Shawn sent those to you… Thanks for the videos.

  9. Emmy…hum…I was wondering this since way too long ago…is your family actually eating that????? What do you do with all those insect, wormy, strange stuff leftovers????

  10. Please, don't all the haters haunt me. I love Emmy to pieces. However, when my eyes and brain realized what she was going to cook, I had to jump back from the computer!!! I immediately got sick!! Oh God, how do I get that image out of my brain!

  11. I am South African and I haven't eaten those, but I somehow think that you need to cook them where the tomato relish ratio is supposed to surpass that of the worms. They're supposed to be drowning in tomato sauce

  12. And this is how it ends. Going off the deep end on recipes that maybe 0.000001% of all people may ever try (and even less might want to). In the name of "mixing things up". All shows end that way.

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