How to Cook Mechadong Baka (Beef Mechado)


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  1. Hayz nung mga panahon na dito ako natutong magluto way back 2012 or 13 pa ,at nkta ko na mukha ng idol ko.just subscribed to your channel now lng ksi nkta na kita idol ntuwa ako wahahaha more power po!!!

  2. Sir Vanjo Sobra payat na Po Kayo!👍 Sna mashare nyo po un keto diet nyo dito s Panlasang Pinoy! Even s foreign friends ko iniintroduce ko ang Panlasan Pinoy because mainly dito ako natuto.

  3. please don't ever use those gloves when touching food. you know those gloves are dirty? might as well use bare hands, just make sure to wash before touching anything.

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