How to cook kfc original fried chicken recipe | kfc original chicken recipe at home


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  1. I do not know why people want to imitate KFC recipe. Imagine if the Colonel imitated a previous recipe. We would not have KFC. It is all about improving and inventing new and better recipes. Just my two and half cents.

  2. Don't want to disappoint anyone but KFC DOES NOT MARINADE OR USE ANY EGG WASH WITH COOKING THEIR CHICKEN. All seasonings are added to just plan flour at a 4 to 1 mix. That is 1 part seasonings to 4 parts flour. It is single coated for original. Then coated, dipped in plan water and coated again for crispy

  3. Iam not going to spoiled YOUR dinner I have work for KFC for many years and many others chef. if really want to know how make KFC chicken work for KFC Observer and you will know the technique ALL come from Hart and mind full of love but don't. put money in your mind when you serve people or customer only pleasure none will defit you and this is the recpi

  4. Except it's already been proven in a lab the only seasoning in the real thing is salt. The whole "11 herbs and spices" bs is a reference to the original gravy recipe, which has since changed.

  5. What part of KFC is this method "styled' after?

    KFC doesn't make a marinade and soak their chicken.
    KFC uses a pressure cooker.
    KFC doesn't use most of the flavorings you included – your "original recipe" is nothing like KFC.

    This video is a joke and you're a fraud.

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