How to Cook Japanese White Rice – for sushi too – Japanese recipeご飯の炊き方


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  1. Japanese rice is actually cooked very similar to Hispanic rice, mainly of Puerto Rican culture. My mom makes her rice just like this unless she is making it with her seasonings.

  2. I've tried many different brands, but always come back to Nishiki. I'm very happy with Nishiki's quality and taste. There are many more expensive ones out there, but I'm not sure if they are any better than Nishiki. Why pay so much more for not much difference? That's why I usually buy Nishiki.

  3. I'm lazy and use a rice cooker. However, I don't think the rice turns out as nice most of the time as most of the moisture gets sucked away in the cooking process. I might have to give this a try in the near future.

    Although, I live in Japan.. could you tell me where you bought your cookware from? I have been looking for a rice pot for awhile and still can't find one as most of the major department stores here are really big on selling rice cookers to people. :S

  4. is there different ways of cooking rice for different cultures or just personal preference ? My Korean neighbor told me if you rinse/wash the rice the nutrients wash away also. My Puerto Rican brother-in-law's family doesn't rinse rice either.

  5. @Pardinuz rice itself is "dirty" Rinsing it 2 to 3 times helps the small particles of dirt to be washed, that's why the water is like really white at first, as you rinse it, the water is clearer.

  6. @jmadden98 If you you your rice cooker, just follow the rice cooker's instruction. Just make sure the amount of water is right and leave the rice soaked in water at least 30 minutes (1hr is better) before you turn it on.

  7. @jmadden98

    yes, calrose is a type of short grain rice japanese use, it's a sushi rice. Preparation wise I can't help though since I've only used a pot to cook my rice. :/ sorrrry!

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