How to cook Japanese Curry from Scratch – SUPER EASY RECIPE


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  1. Hi sir ,our family like yours dishes very much..every time u have new recipe out..I surely tried and cook for it..they're so great and delicious..
    Thanks for the sharing…
    Ive have seach yours recipe but I didn't saw u got any Thailand green can u do it next time when u free. ?Thanks at here first…

  2. I made this just 5 hours ago and it's delicious!!! I made the curry powder from scratch though. It's much more fragrant. Will reduce the flour to 40 next time. 60 is too thick!!

  3. Hello from Greece. I m so grateful for this recepie. It is hard and expensive to find the curry blocks n my area. I m so happy for this recepie without block needed. Thank u for ur channel. God bless!

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