How to Cook Healthy Recipes for Toddlers


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  2. It'd be nice if my son liked sauce or burgers… my daughter likes sauce, but not burgers… :\ bummmeerr.. their dad… hates everything veggie. me… i'd eat it! 😉 lol

  3. I'm a bit disappointed in this video. Toddlers need food they won't choke on. They can be texture fanatics and extremely picky. The only thing that seems to be edible is the chicken and even that came out dry and bland. :o(

  4. I'm not sure about the burger being toddler friendly. Toddlers are picky eaters. My niece wouldn't eat it because of the slice of onion and the sauce on the bun. If you wanted a toddler friendly turkey burger do it the same but with just the bun, burger (no bacon), lettuce & tomato. And cut the burger in half! The other toddler friendly food ideas are great though.

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