How To Cook Curry Goat For Sunday Dinner | Recipes By Chef Ricardo


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  1. Chef Ricardo you have too many questions on here that need answers, how can you advertise your culinary skills & leave out the intricate & most important details, even if I were to cook this tomorrow I wouldn't have a clue what to season it with, how much seasoning to use & when to add water, it's a shame really coz I'm sure it tastes (nice & lovely) but only you, Chef Ricardo, would know. 🤔

  2. This "chef" is such a cut corner guy. The best one I've seen on YouTube EVERRR is West Indian Delights. This lady & her Jamaican cooking is so authentic. I swear u will not be disappointed

  3. I am looking tonight only how to cook the best Goat recipe in the whole world ;–)
    And for what I have learned, it all depends on, where, how, what we cook the goat. lol
    So, good luck and the sooner I begin cooking the sooner I will learn to cook it!
    So good luck to me………nice video.

  4. Why call it Curry Goat when it is in actuality Mutton. Very misleading. In the UK the majority of Caribbean people buy their meat from Asian butchers who don't know the difference.

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