How to Cook Chinese Sausage – Two Popular Chinese Recipes || Cuckoo 8 in 1 Multi Pressure Cooker


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  1. Cannot wait to try these two recipes! Quick question, do you remove that skin part that’s loose on the sausage? I use the Kam Yen Jan Chinese sausage. And should the sausages have a lightly gritty texture on the outside of them? Thank You! ❤️😃

  2. This tasted delicious!! I've not cooked with XO Sauce or Chinese Sausage before but I've got to say that the XO Sauce is a game changer. It's certainly going to find its way into more of my stir fries and ramen meals. Thank you!!

  3. I love the quality of your videos! I've never cooked with dried mushrooms before but I saw some recently and kept trying to think of the best ways to use them. Preserving the liquid for rice is a great idea I hadn't considered. Now I'll have to buy them! Keep up the great work!

  4. Please do more intros to chinese ingredients/staples like this, its really interesting 🙂 things like redbean and tofu skin an stuff like that isn't really used in the west so its fun to see basic stuff like that

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