How to Cook Chinese Fish & Eggplant Clay Pot Recipe, CiCi Li – Asian Home Cooking Recipes


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  1. I really like your video, definitely gonna try it soon but I'm wondering, does the claypot really serve a specific purpose or is it more of a presentation style? I don't have a claypot and was wondering if it would turn out just as good if I finished it in the pan with a lid on there. Thank you

  2. hi…i just want to thankyou for this recipe..eggplant and fish…i cooked it for tonight dinner and its quite nice,,,delicious,,,im a domestic helper in hk,,and i am always searching chinese recipes in youtube to learn more chinese or asian dishes,,,,,my employer says its nice…thankyou maam for your recipe…and i am happy that they like it too…God bless…

  3. I used to despise eggplants because they were so mushy and looked unappetizing when they were cooked shivers then I tried the fish and eggplant claypot dish at a local Chinese restaurant and whoa!! that changed my opinion completely! the sauce was a little sweet and sour and the eggplant was so soft! but now I'm wary cuz of what you said about restaurant-style eggplants xD;; thank you so much for this recipe! I can't wait to try it.

  4. OMG I swear I heard someone that had the same/similar voice as you today. Well yesterday(I was out), since is 2AM now. Then I thought, omg is it CiCi? Then when I turned my head, and it wasn't you.. Whoops. But omg… u guys sound so similar.

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