How to Cook Beef Asado Recipe – English


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  1. Can't a Pinoy cook ANYTHING without soy sauce? Even the cook has no idea WTF she is doing. Any REAL cook would mix everything in the bowl BEFORE putting in the meat. DUH…I've been cooking for 60 years and that is simple and elementary knowledge. Asado is cooked on a BBQ, not fried in a pan anyway. This recipe is almost like Korean BBQ or bulgogi. Just add a small bit of sugar and hot peppers to the marinade & marinate for about 3 ~ 6 hours. Then you cook it over charcoal, or in the case of asado, over a fire but do not allow the fat to drip on the coals to make smoke.

  2. asado ba yan?as far as I know,asado is sweet,but your asado is like beef steak,na nilagyan ng liver spread,I want to know the real asado ,im sorry,im really disappointed of your asado ,

  3. Kaldereta style ito kasi meron liver spread ang beef asado walang liver spread walang patatas ,catsup bellpepper walang kalamansi .ok lang tyan kasi style mo yan  walang basagan ng trip ok ba  ate

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