How To Butcher An Entire Cow: Every Cut Of Meat Explained | Bon Appetit


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  1. Can yall just accept that people can eat meat and vegetables at the same time vegan people not because you don't like eating meat that doesn't mean other people have to meat lovers stop the hate

  2. If you don’t sacrificed the animals they well not go Heaven on top you well get sine for them if you Kosher or a Halal theme they well go Straight Heaven It’s in de gospel Bible and Jesus Peace to be up on him says same thing and the Jewish book Torah and Muslims book the Quran All books 📚 of the Lord says something The Lord says to prophet Ibrahim peace to be up on him sacrifice the Animals On Lord Name They will go straight to heaven and the meet is blessed by Lord

  3. W los cortes distintos no existen el despostador debe separar todos los musculos del animal por eso cuando usted cocina un corte asi con tres musculos diferentes le toca una parte seca otra jugosa una tierna otra dura walmart mando a 20 de sus carniceros para aprender a despostar y sacar los cortes bien debido a que perdian mucho dinero libras que se desperdiciaban junto con la grasa

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