How To Be A Smarter Cook [ Patreon & PDF Recipes ]


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  1. Salute, Zeek from Food AF. Just came across your channel a few weeks ago, been watching ever since 😁 I watch your show because it makes me happy😁 Good luck although, in my opinion, you will not need it. I hope you spread like butter, much love, peace and SHA POW!👊

  2. I don't like cooking too much I just like to eat but damn I love your channel Alex. Seeing your passion and dedication to what you do makes your channel worth watching.

  3. Hello Alex! i love your videos and its a great news that you are starting these patreon thing, at looking your video i thought it would be nice a little bit of design on the pdf… I'm publicist/designer/art direction, and if you think / want i can help you to create something more like your style… I´m living in Paris right now send me an e-mail if you want 😀 ( good luck!

  4. Bonjour, Chef. Félicitations pour ton enfant. Je poste ce commentaire à cause de la recette du gâteau magique que j'ai découvert hier. Apparemment, c'est originaire de Poitou-Charente.

  5. Ahw, just half a year ago I was heart broken to found you have a wife and now you have a kid too! (That is what you mumbled so quickly, didn't you? 😛 ) Congratulations to you and your new family Alex!

  6. I did it! I also changed your recipe names on my computer to lower case. FRENCH-BOURGUIGNON-BURGER seemed like it was yelling at me. Easily done on linux with a one line command.

  7. Am only too delighted to finally be able to support what you do. Have been a fan for years. Congratulations!
    And a special request for another ASMR video like the one you did for the pizza recipe!

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