How To BBQ Pork Steak Recipe –


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  1. Yeah, you've got to find heritage pork to get the juicy, marbled pork that is tender. Supermarket pork has been bred to be lean and mass-produced, it's just not as good as the heritage breeds.

  2. Maybe it's just me Malcolm but it seems like most of the "pork steaks" I buy today are a little tough. In the 60's-70's my dad never had to brine, he would season them and toss them on the BBQ pit. Tender & moist when done.

    Today, no matter what, I keep having the misfortune of buying tough pork steak.

    My remedy would be to place the seasoned steaks in foil and pop 'em in the oven. I've never tried brining nor placing them in foil, and placing the foil on the BBQ pit.

    But that's a thought.

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