How to Bake Macarons and Red Velvet Desserts! | Easy Dessert Recipes by So Yummy


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  1. So Yummy? More like "So Scammy" this entire channel is a farce! Clickbait and the recipes aren't even correctly made. The recipes on this channel DO NOT WORK. This entire channel is only eye-candy not an actual cooking site, be warned.

  2. Fair warning: this channel is clickbait drivel and should not have subs. Their recipes don't work, their methods are sloppy or flat out LIES, they are scamming people for millions of dollars this way through youtube views and misinformation.

  3. you are the best yummy !!!! I am a Moroccan girl. I cook Moroccan dishes, as well as cakes and juices. I need your support and support to make more delicious dishes. I hope you will accept my traffic.

    You will find the translation into English and French in the video my last video: i hope you enjoy @

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