How I MEAL PREP my food (Recipes Included)


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  1. Hi Heidi! I love your videos!
    I'm just starting to get into the meal prep deal and I'm trying to find the right meal prep containers. Do you like the ones you got? Could you provide a link on Amazon?


  2. the sweet potato is amazing like that! thank you for being so inspiring! Please follow me on insta @BUNNYMAREE you were the one who kicked started my journey and I want to say thank you. 6 months in I have a coach and im doing great! xx

  3. Awesome video!:) Question though, how many of these containers of the food prepped are you supposed to eat a day? Like, is it just for dinner? If so, what can you eat for breakfast and lunch? Maybe snacks? Ill love to try this, except that's my only concern?
    Thanks! xx

  4. Once I start college back up in the August, I'll definitely consider doing this. For these, is it best to thaw out the meals slowly, or just microwave until hot? I know the answer is probably obvious, but I'm a meal prep/cooking noob.

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