How I Eat Healthy on a Low Budget! (Cheap & Clean)


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  1. Yall complaining about caged chickens this is a healthy eating saving money video 🤔 if you don't like it keep looking at other videos cry babies we can't make Everbody do what we want them to do

  2. I love her advice. For people on their last dollars this advice is very sound & reliable. Thank you for the video Joanna this will help all of those essentialists out there to live their values the best they can.

  3. why do all these types of videos focus on the shopping aspect? I know how to fucking distinguish between cheap and overpriced products. I want to see what you're making with all that shit and how filling it is vs eating grass and cherry tomatoes for lunch everyday

  4. I'm definitely going to check Aldi out over here in South Florida and start eating more healthy and organic food because I am soo tired of living this kind of lifestyle, eating JUNK all the time… Fried, junk food has now become my worst enemy. I am suffering from GERD acid reflux with a damaged esophagus and its not a good feeling at all. 🙁 I have a sour stomach and it goes up my esophagus and into my throat and into my mouth which gives me a weird taste in my throat AND mouth. I'm tired of dealing with this problem and have been dealing with it for 2 full years now. I was also thinking about committing suicide because of this problem… My life would be so much better dead then alive so my poor body won't have to deal with this suffering anymore And I won't have to deal with it anymore. Healthy food is expensive and it's very hard to convince my mom to change her diet because she was raised on eating JUNK food and so was I. But now it's time to change that and our lifestyle. I want 2017 to be a fresh, clean good year and not a bad year like 2016. I will be talking to her about this Healthy Organic Supermarket that sales freshly high quality food for LOW PRICES. Wish me luck Guys! 😢❤

  5. I couldn`t wait to try the weight loss plan “fizy unique plan” for myself once I had Googled it. I was so excited. My good friend lost 10 lbs after this weight loss plan, I really recommend you search Google to learn how.

  6. Sad how capitalism and the economy imprison and disable consumers from making the correct ethical decisions when purchasing items at the market. Soaking your tomatoes wont make it less likely that you will ingest the pesticides which will ultimately poison you and give u cancer, but hey trump eats his stake well done with ketchup.

  7. Shame you can't spend an extra two dollars on cage free eggs- some of those chickens really suffer. But great tips and thanks for sharing your videos to help others.

  8. Thank you! Thank you thank you for saying that it is ok to not eat organic if you cant afford it. Some ppl seem to think that you MUST do it to eat healthy or lose weight and if you don't then you will never reach your goals. Thank you!

  9. cooking in bulk and freezing is awesome there is no excuse to eat crap food once you learn how to cook in bulk you will find it is easier then trying to cook every day and you will eat so much healthier. I love the fact that she is trying to help people and people are not giving her any props but bitching about cage free eggs. honey I think you did a great job I know for me it is not easy to talk to a camera or a crowed so I give you props.

  10. That's really helpful. thank you +Joanna Soh Official. I was under impression that frozen food is not good and they don't have same nutrients as fresh food. So i always end up spending more money on fresh veggies and didn't knew what to do. Will definitely switching back to frozen now.

  11. one day i hope to find a beauty like this as my wife. Waking up every day to her and if she can cook xD omg thats so perfect for me. Way to a mans heart is his stomach lol

  12. All I hear in the comments is "privelege"! I am a supporter of cruelty free products and natural ingredients but we have to be realistic about how the world works. The poorer you are ( at least in the states) the higher risk you have for being unhealthy and attracting diseases. There are literally people who have no access to fresh foods known as "food deserts" and live off of canned and processed food because of their socio-economic status. If they cant afford any fresh foods the last thing they are thinking about is whether the eggs are cage free; granted that is if eggs are offered in that area. I rally for animal cruelty but also humans who are not able to get basic needs to live because of money. (This is not to say that the woman in this video can or cannot afford cage free eggs. Some people have no control over which foods they can afford) Be understanding!

  13. I have been living on a food budget for awhile but I still buy cage free eggs. Since I quit smoking a year ago I figure I can spare a few dollars to get eggs from happy healthy chickens.

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