Housewife in Japan – Onionara pasta recipe – オニオナーラ (オリジナルレシピ)


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  1. It's always rude to make unsolicited comments on physical attributes. But I adore your sad, doey eyes. They remind me of oldschool anime like Rose of Versailles or some such…

  2. Great vid! Keep it up 🙂

    Here's some advice / thoughts:

    1. Always use a sharp knife; it could be just me, but from what I was able to see, that knife of yours could use some sharpening.

    2. That onion-cutting trick is actually very professional, every good chef knows this and uses it. I think it's awesome that you teach others about that technique!

    3. Onionara seems like an idea I'd like to try, even though I kinda know the taste of that sauce on top of a pizza-dough; here in Germany we call it "Flammkuchen"

    4. Another tip: Many people don't like the raw fat of the ham, but you could cut bigger chunks of it and use it instead of the butter. At cooking temperatures it will melt (parts of it anyways, the rest you can discard), and it will give your sauce an extra flavoring touch.

    5. Parmesan-Cheese will work best, but I guess that's up to oneself

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