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  1. Just a tip for destitute hobos like me: get a slow cooker. Take all of your scraps like mushroom stems, garlic ends, carrot tops, potato peelings, apple cores, and so, toss them into your slow cooker with some water, and 12 hours later you have delicious soup. Don't put your banana peels, in though! They're much better in a stir fry. Chop them up and sautee them until they turn translucent. They have the texture of onion, but with a sweeter, slightly banana flavour.

  2. Hot and sour soup is my favorite and I like your take on it. Only one suggestion. Add vinegar off the heat , last thing as it's being served. Vinegar looses it's punch if you cook it. Love your page. I watch every episode.

  3. I didn't know what to cook today because I wasn't hungry or had any appetite. That has just changed and the appetite is there. Thanks for the recipe and the video. While it is too late for black fungus to soak, I will let them soak in lukewarm water for a bit. I have shiitake fresh there. I'm going to the kitchen now and wish you a nice day.

  4. Wow 😭😭😋😋 sadly this isn’t what I was referring to lol usually when we go to a chinese fast food restaurant they have this veggie soup and like it basically has carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, onion and I think cabbage .. ive tried making at home but i just don’t get the same flavor … 😫😫😫

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