Hot Dogs – Push-Cart Hot Dog Bites – Easy Appetizer Recipe


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  1. Everything's good when it sits on a Ritz.  LOL

    They look outrageously good, and they look good, as in a great presentation for a party / get-together. I would, of course, have to have my own personal platter, so I could properly commit oinkery…

    (And once again… a video from weeks ago magically surfaces… Jeez…)

  2. Ok so I made hotdogs tonight for dinner… Had a few people here and I made the onions… Man they are soooo good!! Everyone loved them!!! Will be making them every time we have hotdogs! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Yummy! I'd have to cheat and mix the onions right in with the hot dogs. I love the look and taste of little appetizers, just no patience for putting them together. Lol 

  4. Larry: Everything works on the old standby cracker, Ritz. We also had chopped hotdogs and eggs when I was a child. Tried it again when I was grown and did not care for it. You still make some of the best looking food I have ever seen on Youtube! Bernard

  5. Larry, in spite of me taking you under my legal wing…(uh-oh, didn't you do a wing recipe lately ?….;)
    Well, Dan, Rus  or Greg or someone did…
    and it's gonna cost 'em, though they are totally unaware of it!
    Unfortunately they didn't pay the retainer, so I guess I'll have to sue them.
     Any idea where I can get a good lawyer?

    'Appreciate your advice on the matter,  🙂
    (and your hot dogs 😀


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