Hong Kong Style Char Siu Pork Recipe! | Chinese BBQ Pork | Wok Wednesdays


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  1. Jeremy, if you have found a method to keep it from blackening on top like that, leave us a tip. Or do another video on Char Siu, it's almost December again. The lighting on this video is a bit dark, quality overall a bit lack luster. Put it side-by-side with your General Tso's video and it's like comparing a Netflix Original to a B-Movie.

  2. Jeremy, I've never seen pork 🐖 look so sexy in a juicy mouthwatering sauce, I licked my fingers clean at just watching the video. Can't wait to try this. Thank You, I immediately subscribed, liked, shared, hit the notifications button and even added it to a new playlist. 🍚🍽️🐽🐷🐖😋😋😋

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