Honey Glazed Char Siu Pork 叉烧 | The Dumpling Sisters


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  1. Looks dry. That's a convection oven so for the normal people raise temp to 400° and I would baste every 10ish minutes for 35ish minutes. That looked over done and where's the red!? Classic Red colouring is what I love to see. No. Not with food colouring. Bean curd. Anyways. Great production. Just another critique from a no one. 🙂

  2. made this yesterday and a few comments:

    1. I used pork loin instead of shoulder. Cooking for 2, I didn't have to commit to 3.5lbs of meat.
    2. You probably should sift the brown sugar.

    I didn't get NEARLY the crispy I wanted, and the overall recipe was very dry. Not sure if this had to do with the different cut but I was disappointed.

  3. Wow. I just ate this dish for the first time at a Hong Kong style street food restaurant in scotland. It tasted so delicious! Video on my channel. 😅 now i'm here trying to learn how its made.. 😜

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