Honey Balsamic Glazed Chicken – Baked Chicken Recipe


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  1. Larry, that chicken looked so awesome.Ill have to give it a try..my girl wants to try your cranberry orange crostini this weekend..so its on we doing it..gonna have to pick up more of the balsamic glaze as well .thanks again for the hook up .Ill let you now how well everyone liked it.

  2. Saving this recipe cuz I love cooking chicken and eating chicken from all different directions bud, probably use this glaze on a variety of things – sweeet. nice sticky cook my friend !!!

  3. Oh my, that looks so good, my blood sugar went up 50 points just watching Larry. I miss being able to eat this kind of stuff, now adays I try to stay on the savory side of things. 😎 thanks for posting, always enjoy your recipes.

  4. Hey Larry, how are things? I'm just wondering if you've heard from or anything about mrbablefish5? He's the Hungry hammock hanger. As you know, he was very ill a while back, but uploaded his bannock video a few months ago, then nothing. He said then that he was much better and healthier. He replied to a commenter in October but nothing since. I hope he's OK. He seems like a great guy.

  5. Yowzah!! That marinade / glaze is the bomb, Larry! My chicken department is presently buried under the leftover turkey, but there are a couple of leg quarters under there that would be perfect victims for this. I'll dig them out!

  6. Larry, I just spent the last 20 minutes digging through my pantry and I finally found it! Brown sugar substitute! So I'm saving this recipe to my favorites because I have to try this! I love how you used the marinade to do double duty as a luscious glaze. Magnificent chicken leg dish! Yup! Sweet, sticky, savory and delicious!

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