Homemade Vietnamese Pho Soup Recipe – How to Make Beef Pho Noodle Soup


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  1. I recently had my first Pho and I'm hooked. The broth was so delicious. The owner of the restaurant said it takes two days for them to make the broth. I am having company next week, and they travel extensively. I will surprise them using your recipe. Wish me luck.

  2. I had been wanting to try Pho for a long time, I finally got the chance and sad to say, I did not like it at all 🙁
    For me, Its the spices that I didn't like. Darn it.

  3. it looks yummy tho. i went to a restaurant and tried their vietnamese noodles,Pho. i was so disappointed with the taste, mung beans sprout and beef. it taste old, the mung bean sprout was old too and yet the price is expensive. i will never go back there again😡😵

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