Homemade Veggie Burgers Recipe – Laura Vitale – Laura in the Kitchen Episode 619


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  1. I'm not complaining. But in defense of the #TeamVegan we want in on anything Laura makes. So with that said… what can we use to replace the egg? I'll be making this tonight using soaked chia seed. It makes a sticky eggy chia…y… substance.

  2. why do people thinks egg is vegetarian. some think eating fish is vegetarian.  this age of confusion, people have made everything up. People have  made up  there own Vegetarian.  Not from holy scriptures.  Vegetarian do not eat fish, any animal nor egg and nor do vegan.

  3. OMG! Vegans, why do you complain so much? Geez! She is obviously NOT a vegan, so why don't you just go to a vegan site? I'm mostly plant-based, but I do occasionally have meat and eggs, and I love Laura's recipes, so I go to both type of sites. But I don't complain, and gripe about people's diet choices, or the way the chef chooses to make his/her recipe. If I don't like what they put in their dish, I find another one!

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