Homemade Vegetable Beef Soup Recipes: How To Video


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  1. How come home made stock isn't practical? Is it too time consuming? I ask cause you made your own chicken broth for chicken noodle soup, but not for beef soup. Oh, and WHERE'S THE BARLEY? Can't have veggie beef soup without barley. Well actually you can but it's better with the barley. Nice video.

  2. Hey Brian thanks alot. I cant't believe I watched this. It was pretty boring I probably or definatly won't bother cooking this. Infact I think I am a worse cook for watching this. !!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!

  3. This soup is awesome! Did you sautee the mushrooms separately? It didn't appear so. I had some leftover beef stock so I actually used 1.5 containers of stock and only 16 oz of water. I'm guessing this resulted in a stronger flavor, but I loved it.

  4. Thanks for the video. I do it like this: boil water insert beef (no frying) then when half-done insert potatoes celery carrots salt pepper (i like them whole) olive oil 10 min before ready. Try not to add water make a good calculation of the initial quantity.

  5. Hey Brian, thanks for the recipe. I've made this about 10 x now and it keeps getting better. A few variations if interested: I use Montreal Steak Seasoning for the beef. Also like to add corn & cabbage and occasionally a little macaroni for some additional textures. Very easy recipe and always comes out great so thanks a bunch.

  6. Love the recipe Chef Brian. I've made the soup about 6 times now. I usually add corn & a bit of macaroni as well. Try with cabbage also. This time I tried Montreal steak seasoning on the chuck. Hope it turns out. Thanks.

  7. Thanks for the recipe, very comprehensive and easy to follow. I made this soup numerous times using my own version of your beef seasoning, using basically a bit of everything I had and I had a lot of different stuff haha. It is delicious fresh out of the pot every time but I gotta admit, after refridgerating it overnight, the vegetables don't taste as good, shame since I make this for myself alone. But thanks again, very nice recipe.

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