Homemade Taco Crunch Wrap Supreme Vegetarian Video Recipe | Bhavna's Kitchen


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  1. hey girl how r u? want to know abt the rice how did u prepare it n what kind did u use with the crunchwrap cus i saw it at the end. so can u put up the recipe on that as well please. ty.i know how to make the wraps but didnt know ab the rice from taco with them so anyways plz put it up so i can try it out next time but am making the crunchwraps tonight for dinner.

  2. Bhavna can u plz make a video on LUNCH PACKS AND SNACK PACK FOR small kids ( as there are reopening of schools soon) specially here in USA. We see every video of back to school lunches video only by American moms.,not much Indian food ideas.

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