Homemade Minestrone Soup!! – Hearty Italian Soup Recipe


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  1. that's pretty much how I make mine but maybe a little differnt. and not only basil but thyme, oragano, Antonio and garlic powder. parika parsely.and mixed beans instead of just noethen. and oh two cans of tomatoe sauce.and yes the tiny oasta,is perfect for this. mines suppose to be olive gardens copycats.

  2. Looks great, we have this a lot in the fall.  Everyone is cleaning out the garden and give us most of the stuff for it.  I have never used the navy beans, will have to give that a try.

  3. I have never had this kind of soup but I have been wanting to try it. I would love to know how to make more different soups. If you plan on making some more, please share!

  4. I must say that this looked a little daunting when I glanced at the long list of ingredients but as I watched you make it, it's not so hard or complicated at all! Easy peasy.. haha Looks really good too.. I will add this one to my collection for those chilly rainy days when soup is so good for dinner!!! 🙂

  5. This thing has been live 9 minutes and has 84 views? WOW. Okay, super healthy, really pretty and oh boy, it had to be good. Yummy. It's on my list. I'm going to link to it because some of my weight watcher friends will want to try it. Thanks so much.

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