Homemade Italian Sandwich | Italian Panini Recipe


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  1. This spot was one of the first things on my 'to-do' list for a pre-holiday trip to NYC, and it was wonderful! We were staying nearby in the FiDi so it was just a short hop away. Luckily, we were early and the first through the door, as I understand the place (quite justifiably) often has a line. We had the signature Pisillo sandwich, but looking through the menu, you can't go wrong with any combination! They slice the Italian meats for your sandwich when it's ordered, and the stuff is all brought in from Italy – you can't get better than that! Everything was fresh and flavorful! Heed the reviews that say you can split a sandwich – at 14", yea, it's a meal for two! This is the kind of place you want to see around a long time, take your kids to, send postcards from Italy to on your vacation, etc. You can't say that about Applebees! Mille grazie!~john

    See more Pisillo Italian Panini reviews at here: http://buffalotrip.com/new-york/restaurants/pisillo-italian-panini.html

  2. Nice recipe and of course the ingredients are too much! I have one criticism,the Focaccia,. It looks so pale and since I live in NYC and have traveled to Italy I think the bread would taste somewhat bland.It has the same look of bread in upstate Ny and in other areas out of NYC. Otherwise a wonderful and tasty recipe. I did want to comment that the location was so beautiful. Congratulations on a wonderful presentation. I shall try this this weekend. Best to you Vincenzino Vanasco

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