Homemade Granola – Easy Healthy Granola Recipe (Gluten Free)


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  1. Mariah, you have beautiful hair.  I can't tell if it is fine or not as it is hard to tell with naturally curly hair.  Anyways, mine looks much like yours but not as long, about the same colors too but mine is very fine.  I was wondering if you were into a diy haircare regimen and if so can you share 🙂  Thanks

  2. Great recipe. I also added some flax seeds and pecans. I put it in tupperware and keep in the fridge until the family uses it all up. Also fantastic in my kefir and yogurt mix.

  3. Seems moderately compared complicated for me only one person and learning challenged. Don't know how to break down all ingredients for only one individual. Have different challenges trying to learn to eat healthier. Could you help me please? Sorry if it's a burden at all. My email jasonpyktel@gmail.com

  4. IT is amazing how easy things are to do and people have no idea. We often made granola as my kids were growing up. There was no way I was going to buy those boxes of sugar.
    We would use maple syrup rather than honey because I always read that it was best not to cook honey.

  5. I'm trying to cut back on my sugar intake and I'm with +Matt Gant , I'm amazed how quickly the sugar adds up, even when I don't think I'm eating that much sugar. Oh, by the way, that wasn't really much hip action. ya gotta get more of a sway in there to call it hip action.  😉

  6. That was fun to watch! Thanks for this recipe. I am truly amazed at how much sugar there is in almost everything man made. My breakfast is usually oatmeal and egg whites. Thanks Maraih!!

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