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  1. No way!!! I’ll just stay with the deep fryer! Fries are meant to be eaten occasionally anyways. This is way too much work for something that’s so easy. This would be fine for a single or a two person household. not with my family of five 😂.

  2. Why are you pre-heating for 20 minutes with the air-fryer lid? I'm very sure you absolutely don't need to do this. That's like pre-heating your hair dryer for 20 minutes.

  3. Thanks for the video. Nice way to cook fries. I know it can be faster with a dedicated air fryer, but this gets the job done, and the fries look pretty good!😋😋

  4. Thanks for the video. I still don't understand why you cut the potato to cut the potato. Lol I think you could have just popped in there and cut them. I've never used grape seed oil. I wonder how crispy it comes out compared to peanut oil or vegetable oil. Also any time you are cooking potatoes…. if you rinse them or soak them in water they become less crunchy with all other methods of cooking (deep fry pan fry) I haven't air fried but I'm curious if you don't soak them are they too crunchy?

  5. I currently have my potatoes in the water and will be making fries in my new Duo crisp & air fryer. Which is my first thing to make with my new toy. 😀 Thanks for the video.

  6. Nicely done! I can’t wait to try this myself. I think I’m going to try sweet potato fries. I did not know that soaking the fries in water takes out the starch. I learned something new!

    Like someone earlier mentioned, I don’t have that fancy oil sprayer. I will use a can of PAM olive oil.

  7. Really no need to soak the fries, but they do need to be coated with an oil. I would have used the included tray in the basket, so they aren't so far from the heat.

  8. I love my instant pot. But this is an insanely convoluted and lengthy process to get a handful of good crispy fries. Cooking fries this way uses about 5 times more electricity than needed. Suggest just using a dedicated air fryer for this task. The fundamental flaw with using an instant pot to air fry is the distance from the heat to the food. Also, the cost of the air fryer lid is more than the instant pot and more than most dedicated air fryers on the market today. I don't doubt the results from instant pot air frying can be good. It's just far from the best tool for this job.

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