Homemade Fortune Cookies Recipe for Chinese New Year!


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  1. Here the normal units for non US people 🙂

    3 large egg whites
    150g sugar
    110g melted butter
    vanilla extract
    almond extract
    4.5cl water
    130g flour

  2. My husband is so not into sweets, but fortune cookies are his favorite. So I'm putting together a Valentine's gift for him and wanted to include these, but how long will these stay fresh for?

  3. I made these for a New Year's Eve party and put funny fortunes in them. These were fantastic and tasted great! They were intimidating at first thought, but after watching the video, they were so much easier to make than I thought. Thanks for the play-by-play!

  4. Can I use baking paper? And when I mixed all my ingredients together (I used maple syrup instead of the extracts since I couldn't find one in my country), I got a brownish color rather than white one like the video

  5. Having some trouble forming them into circles. The batter is too sticky and the second I try and form the into circles on the baking sheet, the shrink back into blobs. Also, they completely stuck to both my parchment paper and silicone sheet. 

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