Homemade Dog food Recipe – Vegan/Plant-based


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  1. Dogs NEED meat. This is pure abuse. You won’t do anything to harm your dogs??? This is harming your dogs. Veterinarians know next to nothing when it comes to nutrition. Dogs do best on RAW diets. Not vegan 🙄

  2. Thank you so much for this recipe, my dog has been vegan for 2 years and I keep going back and forth buying canned vegan food (natural balance) and making it myself but I'm always so afraid to be missing something nutritionally important for her. Do you give them any supplements?

  3. People saying this is unnatural and dogs eat meat… How much meat do you think is ACTUALLY in that processed dog food you buy ? And yes.. I often see wild dogs eating multicoloured dyed biscuits … Very natural. And she's even said she has her dogs tested and the vet has said they're healthy (I guess people only hear what they want to hear) she takes better care of her dogs than most !

  4. What about something in place of sweet potatoes. I have a bulldog who gets yeasty from sweet potatoes so I'm avoiding any carbs that I can. Also i thought the veggies should either be steamed or emulsified in order for the body to digest properly. Maybe I'm wrong but I've been raw feeding and trying to get away from meat. Any help is appreciated.

  5. Dogs are not omnivores. They are not obligate carnivores like cats though. Wild canine species only eat Berries or vegetation when other food is scarce. They do however eat the half digested grains and vegetation in their preys stomach which means if you are feeding vegetables or grains they need to be fermented or blended. Dogs do not have the digestive tract to completely process grains as it is too short. It just passed through them with no nutritional benefit.

  6. I am picking up my dog at the airport tomorrow after a long trip. There's NOOOO WAY I am feeding her dry keeble. I will modify this recipe and make her a nutritional meal. I don't have all the ingredients but some of then. Thank you <3

  7. Well-done! Negative comments are typical of the uneducated, the conditioned or those who have not experienced the benefits of the plant-based diets. Some, just truly do not know any better. Take it in stride, and keep up the great work. Thank you for posting the updates as well!

  8. Your recipe is simply fantastic! The food looks so yummy and healthy that I would love to eat it too..let aside dogs. I am fully supportive of this vegan diet and cheers to good health! Its Veggy Veggy Goood!!

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