Homemade Cream of Mushroom Soup Recipe ~ Noreen’s Kitchen Basics


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  1. Noreen, I used your homemade cream of mushroom soup in my tuna casserole , it was delicious. I had to taste it before i put it in the casserole. It was delicious, so much better than the canned glop they call C.O.M.S.LOL. I then promptly started to cry, my late brother's favorite soup was cream of mushroom. I wish i had found this recipe and made it for him before he passed away. He would have loved it so much. Thank you Noreen for the wonderful recipe and for the memories of my dear brother. he would come and eat with us every holiday, health permitting!

  2. Thank you for this recipe. Can't wait to try it! I haven't used "traditional" cream of mushroom soup since I read the ingredients, and the natural brand I tried didn't taste very good.

  3. Hi Noreen! I remember when you made this video and now I'm back for reference, funny how your videos seem to timeline my cooking abilities! Just a couple questions, could I sub 2% milk for the half and half without sacrificing texture or (much) flavor? And also, I've had a request to add jalapeño and bacon (as this will be used for a green bean casserole), so are those ingredients ones I can just add when sauteeing the mushrooms?

  4. thank you for teaching me how to make the most wonderful cream soup.. Mmm. I stay away from noodles because they are unhealthy for me but I do make a mock tuna noodle casserole that this would be amazing for.. plus all the other dishes you mentioned. Thanks noreen

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