Homemade Chinese Sausage Cantonese Lap Cheong Recipe [广式腊肠]


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  1. Years back when I was very young, my friend's Father own a Chinese sausage making factory, the way they make the sausages is so much complicated and have to put the sausage in some sort of heater room/chamber and have to keep watch.In your video it seem like making sausage so much easier and don't have to put it in the heater room for drying. Will try making some when my sausage stuffer arrive.

  2. Hello can you give me the website to order aboutthe tool to make to chinese sauge and then i’m to check online and i’m to want to buy on that tool thankyou so much !

  3. Hi, thanks for your video. I also make lap cheong with about the same recipe. I use a little less sugar. There are two issues I'd like to ask you about, the first one is that I use a manual vertical stuffer and get air in the sausages, eventhough I pinch them right after stuffing, at the end of the process there are some small air bags. The other issue is that when I slice them after drying and cooking, mixture of meat and fat do not always stay together, probably for the air bags inside. Do I need to use water in my mixture to get rid of air? I season the mixture right before stuffing, do I need to let it rest for some time?, I dry and let them cure for about 4 days at sun light, do I need more time? When you say to dry and cure them in the fridge, what temperature is that.. 40F? Thanks in advance for your comments, regards.

  4. A must try for me. I will make this recipe for my Cantonese family for a Christmas gift. All the correct ingredients are easy for me to get here in Sacramento, California at the Asian market. Thank you so much for sharing.

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