Homemade Chinese 5 Spice Crispy Duck Recipe


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  1. Hi Chef, my husband and I found your recipe recently.  Just tried this recipe and must say, it is really superb.  Please keep these simple and yet authentic recipes coming.  Thank you.

  2. At a local Asian market here I found a bag of seasoning that all the label said in English was "Seasoning Material". The ingredients (translated) were: fennel seeds, tsao-ko (black cardamom?), dried ginger, dried orange peel, dried cassis, star anise, and licorice (I think that's what the pieces of wood are). I'm not sure what they are but a friend of my son's, who's Vietnamese, thinks it's for Chinese duck stew but I can't find any reference for these ingredients. I just found the HUGE pieces of dried orange or mandarin peel intriguing and when I brought it home the tiny black seeds looked more like sesame but I used them all anyway to use in a kind of chai. It tasted really good anyway. =D Can you tell me anything about them?

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