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  1. I honestly have never thought of putting macaroni and rice in beef stew. But this vid had me like "why didn't I think of doing this first?!". I mean… hey, we mix rice with everything here where I live… so… thanx for the idea! I am soooooo gonna try this recipe!!

  2. you must sear your meat before anything to develope some type of flavor. also you had way too much starch in this dish . this recipe lacks flavor , technique and is all together a culinary disaster

  3. no way, would you put your potatoes in at the beginning, after 45 minutes your potatoes would be mush or melted. always cook the meat alone for at leadt 30 min. first, then add harder veggies like carrot and turnips. potatoes would always go in last, in the last half hour or so! this guy doesnt know what the hell he;s doing. if he really let those potatoes boil 45 minutes, they would surely melt.

  4. Sir, i'll have you know that the workd shit means feces(poop) and if you pay very very close attention to the video, you will realize thesoup has not feces in it.

  5. Looks good, but no garlic, celery, herbs or spices? And have you tried sauteing the vegetables in olive oil before adding other ingredients? Really improves flavor.

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