Homemade Beef Jerky by Mook


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  1. Hi there I just want to correct you , im from south africa and we know how to make beef jerky fat is a good thing in your meat coz the seasoning ubsorb into the fat wich gives it a good taste. SO dont tell people who knows about jerky to cut out the fat coz you have no idea what you talking about sorry just honest

  2. I really need to tell you this because I don't want this happening to your dogs. My dog died because we fed her fat from left overs, so be careful my friend be careful

  3. OK THIS IS A WORLD FIRST: trick of the trade 7/10 was good always cut along the grain which you did didn't mention it. Also when adding dry spices you don't have to put them in the marinade because when you pull the meat out of the marinade they fall off the meat. Example if you want chilli powder or flakes white pepper powder put them on once you have the meat out of the marinade one side only first then in the oven it goes wait till they stick take them out turn them over spices go on the other side. That way they will stick into the jerky once it's all dried out. Great video

  4. I just made this using exact same cut of meat, recipe, etc. Allowed 24 hrs marinate time. Set oven to 170 (lowest setting) but guess what? It was completely finished in hour and a half. 4 hours will completely cook the meat into strips of leather.

  5. I like how you squeeze out the gooey stuff with the paper towels. I've got a batch in the fridge right now doing it my way (I string it up) but I'm going to try that first and see what happens.

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