Homemade Bakery-Style Crusty French Bread Recipe — Go Pro-Chef S01E02


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  1. While my husband was doing his apprenticeship over 20 years ago he discovered a little bakery where he fell in love with the bread. I started researching breads, and thought I almost had it but there was always just something missing….could never figure out what it was. Tried your recipe and method….shiver me timbers….I found that something….still not sure what the something is but your recipe certainly has that in abundance. Thanks for sharing….my husband absolutely loved the bread. His first comment was: wow…this is exactly like the bread I used to buy in that small bakery.  Now finally I can stop searching which makes me a very happy lady.

  2. having a problem with my bread coming out yeasty tasting and dense. i've tried various recipes with the same results. i've never done an over night rise, mostly 1hr rise…could that be the issue? Some ppl online have said that letting it rise for TOO long can result in a yeasty taste. help!

  3. You do not need to add any sugar. 4 simple ingredients. Self-rising flour helps. It also helps if the flour is fresh. No oil necessary in the container… just mix it in the container and and put a lid or towel over it.

    It's great to dip it in extra virgin olive oil with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Let me know if you have any questions.

  4. Do you need to add sugar to the yeast? And when I leave it to rise do I need to put oil in the container? And what kind of oils did you use for dipping the bread thank you

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