Holiday Appetizer Brie en Croute


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  1. Yummy Yummy Yummy. I've never made a dish like that but I love Brie cheese although it's been like forever since I had it last time. We eat that with cloudberries in Finland. Totally awesome appetizer right there 👌👍🍺

  2. Whoa…. You've extended the bar (the one that we all want to clear) to new, lofty heights, Sal! Gold taters wrapped in bacon and all of that cheese, etc. Things are gettin' fancy-schmancy down in FLA! 😆

  3. Holey smoke Sal! That is wonderful. We are big fans of brie (or camembert) en croute and with the addition of the potato bacon dippers well, that just takes this over the top. Great!

  4. see…bacon 3 times from 1:45 to 1:55… yep ..and then I magically appeared…mmm….wrapped around little spud buddies. So good, it made ya stutter.

    Cheesy! Looks like the best brie calzone ever. I'd put bacon in that too. Briezza mountain! It's Close Encounters of the Bacon Kind.

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