Hokkaido Potato Mochi (Chewy Traditional Japanese Snack Recipe) | OCHIKERON | Create Eat Happy :)


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  1. Made them and tested. Really tasty, sweet and really simple to make. Next maybe I'll slightly tweak the sauce recipe to get it closer to my personal taste. But making food with original recipe gives you idea what it is supposed to taste like.

  2. Hi! Remember me? I just made it and devoured all of it and I honestly didn't expect the soy sauce and sugar mix would taste that delicious because the smell was a bit off. It was so juicy and a bit fluffy, but I was wondering if the potatoes get mushy once you add them to the sauce? They got so soft and I was cautious not to Mash them while I grabbed them. Thank you again. Now this is the 6th recipe I made watching your videos.

  3. I made these with sweet potatoes, because I only eat sweet potatoes when they're made into a snack or cake or something. I did have to add more potatoe starch and some rice flour in order to shape them into patties, but once they were finished, they were AMAZING! Really yum!

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