Hokkaido Japanese MILK BREAD Recipe – fluffiest loaf & stays fresh longer?! – Tangzhong Method


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  1. I followed the recipe to the letter (but I don't have a planetary, I used my hands), and it turned out too liquid at first, then I gradually added flour and it turned out too sticky! What did I do wrong?

  2. Great recipe! Just made it today. I didn’t have instant yeast so I had to activate the regular yeast (2 tsp) by letting it rise in the milk. I warmed the milk by microwaving it for about 20 seconds. Hubby is a bread lover and he ate half of the loaf after it came out from the oven! This is the BEST bread recipe ever! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Emmy. After trying this. I'm in the middle right now. The flour wasn't enough. It was very sticky. Not ball worthy. About half way between cake batter and a dough ball. I put another cup of flour in. It feels about right. Maybe a touch to tight. But a lot better than the two and a half cups.

  4. Beautiful loaf! Can u tell me the reason we add water w our egg wash? I can see if it’s necessary to make it stretch, but this recipe it would be enough w/o water so not sure why the water is added and I hope someone has the answer for me….;)

  5. I think what happened was that some small bubbles formed during the last proofing and when the bread was baked, the yeast released carbon dioxide and the bubbles expanded into those big ones. This is just what I think happened because I’ve had the same thing happen to me. 😁

  6. these asians been eating rice since the beginning of time for their main carb food source and yet they make better bread than the europeans whose main source of carbs has been bread, even potatoes are recent here

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